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Like all charities, Auckland Hospital Radio has a management committee. Our committee consists of 8 elected trustees. These trustees are responsible for the day to day operation of the station.

All committee posts are elected for 3 years on a rotational basis by full and active members of the station at the Annual General Meeting which is held in October of each year.

Chairman (Craig Robinson)

Main areas of responsibility :

  • To chair the committee meetings and AGM.
  • To act as the primary liaison between the Trust and the charity.
  • Prepare an annual report of the charity.

Secretary (Julie Nisbet)

Main areas of responsibility :

  • Maintain a membership database.
  • Process all new applications to the station.
  • Distribute and handle all incoming and outgoing mail for the station.
  • Take minutes of all Executive Committee meetings. (excluding sub committees)
  • Calling and arranging of all the committee meetings. (excluding Special Meetings)
  • Communicate relevant information to the Charity Commission.

Treasurer (Mike Pulling)

Main areas of responsibility :

  • The keeping of accounting records for the Charity.
  • The preparation of an interim report at each Executive Committee meeting.
  • The preparation of annual statements of account for the Charity.
  • The auditing or independent examination of the statements of account of the Charity.
  • The transmission of the statements of account of the Charity to the Commissioners.

Station Manager (Simon Temby)

Main areas of responsibility :

  • Management of the day to day running of the station.
  • Staff management (excluding programming).
  • Responsible for acquisition of equipment & other hardware or consumables.
  • Manages the computer network and other I.T systems.
  • Responsible for maintaining and developing up to date operating Policies & Procedures. (Excluding Programming & Music Policies)

Fundraising Manager (Lindsay McElhone)

Main areas of responsibility :

  • Organise & manage all fundraising events via a sub committee.
  • Chair the fund raising sub committee meetings and report promptly back to the Executive Committee.
  • Organise & manage sponsorship deals, keeping all relevant notes in a secure file.
  • Act as the primary liaison between the station and external funding bodies.
  • Promote all fundraising events externally in liaison with the PR and Ward Coordinator.
  • To develop links with other charities and professional bodies in order to further the aims of the organisation.

Members Representative (Roland Robinson)

Main areas of responsibility :

  • Provide the first point of contact for members with problems.
  • Meet members on a regular basis.
  • Handle complaints and problems as soon as possible.
  • Maintain an Induction pack for new members.
  • Maintain an up to date member’s handbook.

Programme Controller (Dennis Pratt)

Main areas of responsibility :

  • Responsibility for allocation of all programmes.
  • Responsibility for the training of all members (via an appointed Training Manager).
  • Manage request collection teams.
  • Maintain a good hospital radio schedule. (Using past requests to shape music policy)
  • Regularly monitor all station output.
  • Collect statistics on audience figures and make available to members.
  • Management of the Myriad Audiowall & Autotrack Database, ensuring all requests are available on the Myriad Audiowall.
  • Responsibility for developing and maintaining up to date programme specific Policies & Procedures (such as Obituary and Music Policy)

Ward Visiting & PR Manager (Chris Nisbet)

Main areas of responsibility :

  • Responsibility for internal and external publicity, including advertising.
  • Maintenance of the official station website and member newsletters.
  • Act as the primary point of contact for the press.
  • Provide members with appropriate attire to attend the wards. (e.g. Station Shirt)
  • Promote all fundraising events externally in liaison with the Fundraising Coordinator.
  • Produce promotional material to be placed at patient bedsides. (e.g. Get well cards)
  • Manage the live video feed to the bedsides.